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The focus of mining development is exploration


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Mineral Exploration

1)Mineral exploration in areas owned by PAYA and prospecting new exploratory targets
2)Investment, exploration and exploitation of domestic and foreign promising mineral prospects
3)Obtaining mineral discovery certificates



1) Obtaining mining operation licenses
2) Carrying out mining operations by Paya Company or its shareholders


1) Establishement of a leading mineral research and analysis center
2) Purchasing mining machinery and drilling equipments
3) Purchasing exploratory equipments such as core scanner, advanced geophysical instruments, etc..

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Finding potential, exploring, extracting, exploiting mines and investing in mineral materials and industries inside and outside the country, performing commercial and economic operations, commercial services, importing and exporting minerals, performing technical and engineering services, consulting and contracting. Related to the exploration, extraction and exploitation of mines, participation and purchase of shares of mining, industrial and commercial companies, participation in auctions and tenders related to the subject of the company, obtaining representatives, branches and granting representation in the country and abroad are among the company’s activities. Management of exploration of mineral resources is sustainable

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Creating added value for shareholders' shares

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chromite mine is waiting to solve the problem of ganji bar

chromite mine is waiting to solve the problem of ganji bar

Group of provinces: Manojan chromite mine is one of the richest chromite mines in the world and contains 70%

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