Establishment of Paya

With the increasing attention of the political and executive system to the capabilities and capacities of the mining sector and at the same time as the demand for

Reserves and strategic minerals in domestic and foreign markets, the position of active companies in the field of mining and

Mining industries have become more important in the national economy. This issue, especially from the point of view

Economic enterprises that are active in providing resources and minerals needed by various industries are noteworthy


According to the existing necessity in the country, Paya Mineral Resources Exploration Management Company consists of 12 large companies

mining and mining industries, since 2018 with the transfer of 13 exploration zones with an area of about 58,000 km 2 with the title

Exploration Consortium started working.

The subject of Paya Company’s activity

Finding potential, exploration, extraction, exploitation of mines and investment in mineral materials and industries inside and

Abroad, carrying out commercial, economic operations, commercial services, import and export of minerals

Technical and engineering, consulting and contracting services related to the exploration, extraction and exploitation of mines.

Participating and buying shares of mining, industrial and commercial companies, participating in auctions and tenders related to the company’s subject, obtaining representatives, branches and granting representation inside and outside the country are among the activities of Paya Mineral Resources Exploration Management Company.

The management of Paya Company is based on the modern strategy model. Based on this, the instructions are based on strategy and monitoring.

paya slogan

The focus of mining development is exploration.

stable goal

Creating added value for shareholders’ shares


Based on the goals of the company, it is expected:

  1. 2-year horizon (1404): Completion of exploration operations in the areas with the company’s exploration license and achieving

At least 4 discovery certificates and 2 exploitation licenses.

  1. 5-year horizon (1406): a targeted company in the field of mining exploration and development.

Expert force




The project is done


Project in progress